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Andreea Giuclea


I write in-depth sports stories, as I believe in their power to inspire, bring people and communities together, and act as a vehicle for change. I wrote a bilingual book about the inner struggles and life lessons of athletes and won several national and international journalism awards, including 2nd place in the Opinion category of AIPS Sport Media Awards, in 2021. I focus on covering Women's Sports because there is still a lot of inequality, lack of opportunities, and sexism, including in the way women athletes are portrayed in the media, topics I cover in my monthly newsletter.

I wrote about successful Romanian female athletes, such as Simona Halep (former WTA #1), Cristina Neagu (4 times World's Best Handball Player), Ana Maria Brânză (Olympic Gold Medalist in fencing), but also about women who are defying gender expectations in male-dominated sports, such as motorsport, football, wrestling, coaching, or balancing motherhood and sport.

Sports reporter based in Romania

Portfolio of Work

The following is a collection of my most meaningful articles, translated into English.

Irina Perju.jpg

September, 2019

An essay discussing women’s lack of representation in sports, and the stereotypes they face when they break barriers trying to get there. Illustrations by Irina Perju. Translated by Oana Gavrilă.
Winner of first prize in Opinion, at Romania's Superscrieri Awards. Nominated in the European Press Prize's Opinion category.

Dan Ungureanu.png

December, 2017

In her struggle to become the world’s number one, Simona Halep’s toughest opponent was herself. 

Co-written with journalist Ani Sandu. Illustrations by Dan Ungureanu. Photos by Matei Buță. Translated by Craig Turp.

Mircea Roșca/Mihaela Bobar.jpeg

March, 2016

The story of Cristina Neagu's handball journey to becoming the best player in the world, overcoming hardship and several setbacks caused by career-threatening injuries. Photos by Mihaela Bobar and Mircea Roșca. Translated by Anca Bărbulescu.


March, 2014

How Simona Halep, former WTA#1 found the balance she needed to shine on the court. Illustrations by Mircea Drăgoi Photographs by Cătălin Georgescu
Translation from Romanian by Oana Gavrilă

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